Welcome to Maria's Page

On this page you can create links to all of your websites

Study and Edit this file as necessary to create those links. See below how to do this

The default name for a home page is normally 'index.html'. We are choosing to call this page 'indexLAUNCHERtemplate.html' to identify it as from Mr Pester
You are to create folders, as you go along, to contain each of your new sites and use the 'index.html' name for their home pages inside those folders.

You can do this in Filezilla, or create them on your computer and upload them with their files inside.
Your Google Doc lessons will lead you through this process.

TASK 1: Use Filezilla to rename this file index.html

TASK 2: Use Filezilla to download a copy into a folder in your student drive called 'LauncherPage' inside a folder called 'My Websites'

TASK 3: Create an external style sheet for this page and use CSS3 to make it attractive and engaging (you do not have to do it all at once, you can develop this page as time goes on). Keep the launcher.css file in the same folder as your launcher index.html

TASK 4: Remove these instructions from your launcher page. They are available in the Google Doc lessons

Link to my Site 1  Description for my teacher to read ................

Link to my Site 2  Description for my teacher to read ................